Monday, November 29, 2010

We got a tree!

We couldn't pass up a tree this year after all! We decided to go with a little tree perched high enough to be out of Kieran's reach. The tree procurement was actually quite funny. We bundled up, strapped Kieran into the the stroller, soon to be tree sled, and walked to the closest tree stand.

Doesn't this little trailer make you smile? It cracked me up, the guys selling the trees were equally entertaining. So after giggling about the "Charlie Brown" trees we chose a little one that was the least "Charlie Brown-esque" as possible. We popped that tree under the stroller and we were on our way. Kieran didn't find the ordeal as humorous as his Mom and Dad did. He sat in his stroller with a serious face on the entire time. Little does he know, that tree is the very tree that his presents will sit under one day soon.


So off we went, with our tree in tow through the city, getting lots of smiles along the way.

I love decorating the tree as a family each year. We listen to Christmas carols and make a big deal of it. Growing up we always had very personal trees. Almost every ornament had a story. Some were generations old. Year after year my sister and I each received an ornament which would be ours to take when we grew up and moved away. I'm so grateful for that tradition. Now, my hubby and I pick up an ornament whenever we travel. It's such a nice way to remember time we have spent together as a family. I look forward to carrying on this tradition for our little boy.

So cute, right?

We brought this star home from Italy!

Daddy, can I help?

Felted ball ornament made by Auntie Louisa. Copper heart found on our honeymoon in Italy.

This is all of the decorating we have done so far, not a bad start. What decorating have you done? I would love to hear about it, maybe even borrow your ideas : )


  1. How nice to see your decorations! I love the bunting that you made. Very cool!

  2. Thanks! The bunting was fun. I just cut some triangles out of scrapbook paper and Christmas wrapping paper, than glued them to a velvet ribbon I had on hand. Easy peasy.

  3. LOVE the little tree tucked under the stroller :-) We haven't gotten a tree yet but will try to next weekend after I get home from Craft Show I'm participating in.
    Also loving the red & green bunting for christmas! I literally just finished making one that says "Hazelnut Designs" for aforementioned Craft Show... may have to make one for Christmas now, too! :-) Cheers!

  4. Nice to get in on the sister's crafty secrets. Sarah's been making garlands, I've been putting up the decorations here and have been struck by the, get the crap out of the house now bug. So, it's in flux, but it's merry.

  5. Very cool Cristin. You should post your bunting, I would love to see it! Good luck with the Craft Show!

  6. Doesn't it feel good to declutter your house!

  7. This is Sofia. I think its really cool that you have your own blog

  8. Hi Sofia! I think it's really cool that you checked out my blog! Thanks!