Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Birthday Bunting...

The hubby and I wanted our little boy to have something special for his birthday every year.  Something that we can take a picture of, with him next to it, to compare from year to year.  I came up with a "Birthday Bunting".  Don't they look happy and fun?   
Okay, this project takes a lot of time, let's be honest. I'm talking, lots of sneaking steps in during many naps. So start early if you are interested in this project. I used gender neutral colors so the "Happy Birthday" can be used for a second child. The second child would get his/her own name bunting. 

1. Choose a triangle size (large enough to hold your letters) and make a cardstock template.
2. Using template, trace and cut out triangles using chosen cotton fabrics.  (I used mostly quilting"fat quarters".) You will need 2 triangles for each flag, front and back.
3. Choose a size and font for your individual letters using a basic Word program.  Print out.
4. Cut out each letter so they can be traced onto contrasting fabric.  (I chose natural canvas because the contrast allowed for easy reading of the letters. )
5. Iron double sided fusible interfacing to the back of each letter.  Cut out each letter (you are cutting both the canvas and the interfacing.)
6. Lay out your triangles in order to be sure you are happy with the order of the colors. 
7. Peel off the paper backing from letters and iron onto triangles.  Be sure to center each letter.
8. Stitch canvas letters onto cotton triangles.  I used a straight stitch because it was easy to keep it looking neat.  It's probably best to use a zig zag stitch.  
9.  Using original triangle template, trace onto double sided fusible interfacing, one for each fabric triangle.  Cut each triangle out.
10. Iron interfacing onto the back of each triangle. 
11. Peel back off of each triangle.
12. Iron "back triangle" onto the "front triangle" that already has letter stitched on.
13. Topstitch the two sides of each triangle. Allow seam allowance.
14. Using a decorative rotary cutter,  cut the two sides of each triangle.
15. Pin bias tape to the top of each triangle.  Make sure to keep spacing between letters consistent.  Auntie Louisa made this bias tape for me.  So cool, right?!
16. Stitch bias tape onto triangles using zig zag stitch.

17. Have a glass of wine and admire all your hard work!  I told you, time consuming but oh so worth it!  
Note the cute little birthday crown that Auntie Louisa made!

Auntie also made this special onsie and cool jeans for the occasion! 

So what do you think? Worth the time? Have another great birthday idea?

NOTE: We hung the bunting in the beautiful yoga studio at my gym for an easy picture on his actual birthday.  Next year I will be sure to get a picture of Kieran with the bunting at his birthday party.


  1. I love the colors you chose for your bunting! It is awesome!

  2. Thanks Louisa! It was so much fun to make...well, it's so much fun to have it done!