Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nothing beats late summer's fresh tomatoes...

Do you have a farm stand nearby?  Or maybe even your own backyard garden (not this city chic)...I had a hankering for fresh tomatoes, basil and balsamic vinegar after having a conversation with a friend this morning about just that.  So off I went, baby in tow, to the local farmer's market near South Station.  I came across Keown Orchard's booth and could not pass it by.  There, right before my eyes, were the most beautiful tomatoes and the most fragrant basil.  I nearly skipped home (really, I would have, but the 25 pound baby strapped to my chest took a little bounce out of my step) excited to combine the flavors that epitomize summer.

For a simply (and I mean SIMPLE) delicious side dish:
Wash and pat dry tomatoes and basil
Cut the tomatoes in half and place in your serving dish
Roughly chop several basil leaves (not too many, they can be overpowering)
Sprinkle on the basil and your balsamic vinegar (we love O&Co)
Serve and watch the smiles appear...

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