Sunday, August 22, 2010

Birthday garland for baby's first big day...

Colorful Garland:
This project is quick and easy.  You can even use scraps of paper you may otherwise be tossing.

Since I am making this for my son's birthday, I decided to use some of the paper I used to make his invitations.  The orange paper with white polka dots is wrapping paper that I had in the closet from Paper Source.  You will see that there is white paper with type on it...this was a happy accident thanks to a silly mistake.  When printing the first invitation, I realized I didn't leave enough room for an even border.  As I headed to toss it into the recycling bin, I had the idea to use a hole punch over the different fonts spelling out the word "one".   It worked and to top it off, I don't have to feel badly about wasting the pricey semi-gloss photo paper.  

So here's what you need...

1. Paper, as many colors/designs as you like. (It helps if at least one side of the garland is card stock.)
2. Glue stick
3. Yarn or narrow ribbon 
4. Large hole punch (I used 2 sizes)
5. Scissors
I used left over paper from the invitations.
Mark the distance you like between your discs to make the process easier.
After marking a piece of paper with the distance you like between discs, tape it to your work surface.  This step saves you a lot of time and makes it easy to evenly space the discs.  Using the glue stick, glue two discs together with the yarn running between them.  Continue this process using different combinations of paper until you have your desired length.  Snip the end and you are done.  One quick and easy project that is sure to make you smile!

How have you decorated for your kids' birthday parties? 


  1. What a cool idea! I love that you turned a mistake into treasure! I love the invitations that you made!

  2. I love the blog! (And the pictures). Can't wait to check out all your cool ideas.

    - Leslie

  3. Thanks for checking my blog out Leslie! Kinda pathetic, but it motivates me to get projects finished!