Friday, August 13, 2010

Homemade food for your homegrown babe...

Are you spending a fortune on jars/packets of organic baby food?  It's as easy to eat through a case of baby food as it is to pick it up at the grocery store.  We realized this when I got a little bit lazy and let my freezer supply of homemade baby food dwindle down to a few lone cubes.  I picked up 2 cases of Earth's Best Organics dinners for $15 (they were on sale) last Sunday for Babies R Us.  It is Friday and we have only 6 left!  Yikes!  Not exactly a price performer.  So if you are thinking the same thing as I am...that's insane for a 24 lb little person who only has 6 teeth, grab your organic veggies, saucepan and ice cube trays.  Let's cook! 

It's so simple: 
Prepare organic fruits/veggies for cooking (peel if necessary)
Place in steamer basket
Steam the heck out of what you are cooking 
Reserve your cooking water
Dump the steamed fruit/veggies into the food processor or blender and blend away
Add cooking liquid to make desired thickness/texture
Plop into a few ice cube trays and freeze

Ta da!  You have just made your baby a healthy meal that he or she is going to love!  Don't forget to take pictures of your little one enjoying your creations! 

I found that my son really enjoyed spices and seasonings right off the bat.  (Of course, make sure your child can tolerate the food alone before adding a spice.) For example:

  • Peas - fresh mint (from my Dad's garden)
  • Sweet potatoes - cinnamon
  • Squash - nutmeg
  • Chicken/turkey - sage

We really want to encourage Kieran to enjoy different flavors and textures.  No one likes a picky eater! 


  1. Kieran is luck to have such a good mom. It's great that you've exposed him to so many flavors at such a young age. I hope he'll always be an adventurous eater.

  2. Thanks for being our first comment! Stay tuned to see if Kieran remains a foodie...

  3. I attempted to make avocados yesterday for our baby girl but they were still too chunky for her...I had misplaced the food processor! I love the idea of giving her something pure and homemade!

  4. Hi Kim,

    Have you tried mashing avocado and breastmilk (or formula) with a fork to make it smoother for her? It's so much easier than getting the food processor out and having to clean it afterwards for such a small amount of food.

    Thanks for commenting!