Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bedroom staged...

Finally the clouds parted in Boston and we could go outside and play!! It has been raining since Sunday and we were all getting a little bit stir crazy.  Before I could take the little dude out to the park for a good game of catch, I had a photo shoot to do.  

Here are a few before and after photos of our bedroom.  I am using a Cannon PowerShot (a point and shoot) so it was pretty difficult to get a wide frame.  Try your best, right?



Ta da! There's a huge improvement, right?  All for $0 to boot!  It feels freeing to have all of the unnecessary things tucked away in storage.  Open space feels good!  

Here's a sneak peak of tomorrow's "how to"...


  1. I look forward to tomorrow's post. I love your typography!

  2. Wow! What a difference from the photos you saw of this place before buying it!! Love the "after" window shot and the low-angle bed shot