Monday, August 23, 2010

Clean house equals sold house...we hope!

Okay, so here it goes...we are going to try to tackle selling our condo, on our own!  We have a lot of work to do to get our hip downtown loft "debabyfied" and majorly organized.  I have to admit, the much of the clutter around our home is mine.  My constant need to have a "project" going has left our once open space more like a Jackson Pollack piece.  I'm referring to the chaos, not that my clutter is somehow artistic in any way.  
We live in a gorgeous loft (just under 1100 sf) with original hardwood floors and pressed tin ceiling.  The steel posts, exposed brick and 6 giant windows along with an open floor plan make our space special.  There are few true lofts left in Boston and we have one!  Did I mention it is also a 5 minute walk to both of our jobs?  (Yes, I work out of the house too.  We have a nanny from 6:30 - 2 everyday so I can do my big girl job.)  Why do we want to leave this wonderful home?  - We are torn, but the busy pitter patter of Kieran's feet remind us that we really would love a yard for him to be able to play in, not to mention a door for his bedroom and ours!  No outdoor space with this condo : (
Over the next couple weeks I will be posting the before and after photos, room by room (okay, it's all one room..).  My goal is to have a series of photos that represent our loft in it's finest, almost baby free form. 
Here is a sneak peek of the "before" bedroom.
This is how we leave the room on a typical day.
Check in tomorrow afternoon for the after photos...

What improvements have you made to your home?  Were you trying to sell?  Or maybe just getting ready for a visit from your inlaws? 


  1. Neat idea!! Nothing like a deadline to get one motivated! M

  2. I'm excited to see the changes you make. I love what you've been doing to your nursery.