Sunday, December 5, 2010

Advent 5

A hot air ballon paper ornament!

This was another (I have many) happy accident. As I was trying to make a 3 tiered paper heart ornament, I realized it wasn't going to work. Just as I was getting frustrated, I saw a balloon in my pathetic looking heart. So the hot air balloon was born. Do you like it?


**Kieran received a beautiful knit hat made by his Auntie in his Advent calendar today!**

Look at that hat!


  1. Love the balloon! It looks so cheery on our tree. Hurray for accidents! Love the dude in the hat too (AND the hat!). The black and white photos on the dining room "wall" look terrific too!

  2. I love happy accidents! The balloon is fantastic. I wonder how it would work larger scale? It might be a cool party decoration.

  3. Now let's see....I love the great hat - it looks so warm! The cute little face under it is priceless... In the pic. above that I was admiring your china cabinet, and oh, don't forget the cute little tree and Christmas banner. Very festive!

  4. Thanks! We are having lots of fun this Christmas season! Great Idea Louisa about doing the balloon larger scale!