Thursday, September 16, 2010

Picture perfect...

Recently I have been getting some nice compliments on the photographs I've been taking.  I'm no photographer but I do have a trick that seems to be working.  Want to know the secret?  Well, I'll tell you...PORTRAIT SETTING!  We have a Canon PowerShot A630, a great, but basic digital camera.  The photos I seem to gravitate to are the ones where the images in the foreground are clear and crisp and the backgrounds are slightly fuzzy.  This is typical of a portrait.  Here is an example of a beautiful professional portrait: 
by Rebecca Smith

Notice how this cutie and the flowers are in focus but the grass is fuzzy.  Looks nice, right?  Well, you can get this same effect with your digital camera!  Check out the top of your you see an image of a profile?  I bet you do.  Switch the dial over from AUTO to the little profile image.  Come on, go for it!  Go crazy and let loose, no more auto for you!  But be careful!  You are now entering the world of camera obsession.  I'm telling you, as soon as I figured out (thanks Mom!) that I could get this look, I have not put down the camera.  Here are a few good examples of what you can get with a regular digital camera set using the portrait setting:

I know, I know, I'm "that Mom" who takes way too many pics of her kid!  But come on, he's so cute, how could I not?!

Some tips while using the portrait setting:
1. Turn off your flash and make sure you have plenty of natural light.
2. Step back so you can zoom your lens in as much as possible.
3. Use a tripod (be very still if you don't have a tripod). 

Have you already discovered this setting?  What is your inspiration?  Nature, your home, your pet...


  1. Thanks for sharing about the portrait setting. I don't think you could take too many pictures of your cutie!

  2. Ha! That's because you love him almost as much as I do!