Friday, September 17, 2010

My Amazing Sister, the quilter.

by Auntie Louisa
by Auntie Louisa

Kieran received this bright and cheery quilt from his Auntie for his birthday (which we celebrated earlier this month with my family in Northern New York).  I am blown away by her talent, eye and creativity.  She has an incredible ability to pick up on what the hubby and I like. Her color choice and design aesthetic is always exactly what we love (yet what we somehow can't come up with ourselves, let alone execute).  I know Kieran is going to love this quilt for many years to come.  His mama is going to smile every time she sees him snuggled up in it, that is for sure!  Thank you Auntie!

Are your most treasured gifts the handmade ones?  

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  1. It was lots of fun to make the quilt! I like handmade gifts. One of my favorites is the bookmark you made me with pictures of Kieran on it.